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CPM Europe ensures the highest conditioning standards with the LLX New Technology

At CPM Europe, we have a highly experienced team, who are dedicated to driving success through innovation. With more and more customers recognizing the importance of innovation in business, it is more important than ever for equipment, processes and techniques to be put in place, which will help our customers thrive amongst the competition and increase their opportunities.

LLX New Technology: Conditioner characteristics

The application of a new conditioner paddle design in combination with a variable speed control of the conditioner shaft results into conditioner characteristics which have not been seen before:

  • Higher conditioner filling. The application of our new paddles in combination with its special installation sequence and the variable mixer shaft speed results into a filling percentage between 60% and 70%.
  • Longer retention time for steam absorption by product particles. A longer retention of the product in the conditioner allows more time for steam absorption by the product particles. This results into less slip of the pellet mill rollers and allows therefore for additional steam addition.
  • Extensive blending of up to 8% liquids with product particles. Conventional conditioner paddles transport the product particles in a more or less spiral routing through the conditioner. The LLX New Technology from CPM Europe is transporting the product particles in approximately looping curves through the conditioner. This means that the paddles are transporting the product particles approx. 3 steps forward and then approx. 2 steps backwards.
  • Excellent cleaning out characteristics after each production batch. The new paddle design provides means to adjust the distance between the paddle and mixer wall very accurately and easily. In combination with the unique paddle geometry this results into a very clean mixer wall after each product batch.
  • The abovementioned results in improved pellet quality and increased capacities.

CPM Europe LLX New Technology

CPM Europe LLX New Technology

The highest conditioning standards

Meeting the highest conditioning standards was never so easy. With the LLX New Technology this is achieved by:

  • The new CPM Europe paddle concept for increased filling of the conditioner. With this new concept, CPM Europe is able to guarantee a significant increase in retention time. This results into excellent blending of steam and liquids.
  • The double wall steam manifold that ensures excellent steam mixing with product particles.
  • The outlet spider which enables a very smooth feeding of the Pellet Mill.
  • The heavy duty self-aligning bearings that are well positioned at an ideal distance from the product for optimum service life.
  • The conditioner V-belt drive that enables a smooth transmission of power at the required shaft speed.

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