CPM Europe provides optimal drying and cooling solutions and equipment for the oil seed industry.


CPM Europe provides optimal drying and cooling solutions and equipment for the oil seed industry.



CPM Europe provides Coolers in a variety of widths and lengths to match your specific cooling needs. Designed with minimal floor space in mind, we have your go-to cooling solution. On top of the greatest efficiency and ease of operation, CPM Europe Coolers are backed by the best support in the industry.

CPM offers two different kinds of Coolers:
Horizontal Cooler
The CPM Roskamp Heavy-Duty Horizontal Cooler is designed for the most demanding drying and cooling applications. Perfect for popular applications including pellets, meal, expanded collets and cake and more, the Horizontal Cooler offers multiple feeder, plenum and steam coil options. Paired with CPM's expert knowledge of environmental variables for optimal drying and cooling solutions, this machine is ready for anything.

Counterflow Cooler
The CPM Europe Counterflow Coolers are the most advanced in the industry. Simple in design, mechanically trouble-free and requiring minimal space, CPM Europe Counterflow Coolers provide efficient moisture control and low-shock tempered cooling.


Coolers features and benefits

  • Stream coils

    • Optional inlets for steam coils on upper deck
    • Steam coils provide supplemental heat for more demanding drying requirements
  • Side panels

    • 7- and 12-gauge side panels
    • Stainless steel contact areas
    • 6" high by 4,5" long sections
    • Lateral air intakes on lower deck
  • Moving bed design

    • Solid pan, interlocking tray design
    • Double-row spherical roller bearings
    • 3" diameter shaft, 6-tooth steel sprockets
    • 6" pitch chain with 2" diameter hardened steel rollers
    • Galvanized carbon steel pans (standard)
    • Stainless steel pans (optional)

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