Services and commissioning

Technical services

Our professional Technical Services department consist of three main disciplines:

  • Commissioning
  • Service
  • Technical Support


Our back-office is preparing and planning the site start-up of the CPM Equipment in your project. The project coordinator has a team of commissioning engineers available to execute the commissioning.

We distinguish two types of commissioning:

  • cold commissioning check of alignments, I/O signals, control signals and safety devices
  • hot commissioning start up with product, meeting the project parameters and training of the operators


The back-office is preparing and planning the site maintenance visits. Our service planners have a team of service engineers available to do on-site maintenance.

We determine:

  • planned preventative maintenance:
    • upon request
    • based on annual agreements or
    • long term service contracts (with or without a parts contract)
  • revision of CPM equipment, either in house or on site
  • break-down response
For this purpose our well-trained field service specialists are equipped with a fully equipped Service Van.

for every current cpm machine, ALMOST EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE FROM STOCK.

True Value of Service

Saving unexpected costs caused by:

  • unnecessarily wear and tear
  • technical issues
  • breakdown
Consider the Total Costs of Ownership, a relative small investment in preventative maintenance will save you the costs of production losses. Preventing this down-time in production will give you the added value of CPM Service.

You will gain the benefit of our knowledge:
  • Maintenance by well-trained field service specialists
  • Training opportunity for the operator
  • Operational and Maintenance Manual guided checks

Technical support

The Technical Services department have an in house technical support team. If necessary we visit site to support you in solving technical issues.

You will have the benefit of our knowledge given back to you. It is about a best practice.


  • Field Experience
  • Known Problems Database
  • New Developments

Service quotes

Quotes for Service/maintenance visits are:

  • Based on maintenance status
  • Based on inspection visits
  • Based on years of Service/Pellet Mill experiences

Service contracts

Adding Value, sharing knowledge and creating partnerships with our Customers:

  • Service Contracts
    • Inspection
    • Inspection and Maintenance,
    • Including or excluding parts
    • For a period of 2 – 6 years
    • Taylor made service-parts contracts in close co-operation with parts sales department

Why do our customers choose our product?

  • genuine parts program

  • industrial-scale

  • test facility

  • download centre

  • post-commissioning

  • maintenance

  • process support