Innovative technologies and equipment for densification and size reduction of various waste materials

CPM Europe is at the forefront of developing equipment for a diverse range of products and applications where materials need to be densified or reduces in size. We develop and build equipment for many different materials, like industrial fibers, waste (RFS and SRF) plastic additives, coffee grounds, chicken manure, organic and non-organic fertilizers, snake poison, graphite, citrus and other fruits, paper, minerals, gypsum and clays such as bentonite.

CPM Europe provides specific equipment for the particle size reduction of for example limestone, talc, different kinds of spices, nuts, minerals and metals. Every raw material has specific properties that have an impact on processing and the end product. Our engineers have not only the expertise and skill, but also the ability to determine, in our laboratory, the exact processability of different materials, in order to select the right equipment and configuration for each application.

Features and benefits of CPM Europe waste equipment

  • Reliable equipment

    Robust equipment for biomass applications like all kinds of fibres and powders.

  • Solid knowledge

    Process knowledge and knowhow.

  • Dependable people

    Most reliable service and parts.

CPM Europe densification and size reduction equipment

CPM Europe develops, manufactures and supplies densification and size reduction equipment for various waste applications

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We offer European sound quality on a world-scale.

CPM Europe is a leading supplier of process equipment and technology for the animal feed, biomass, oilseed and a lot of other industries. We have a worldwide reputation as pelleting, grinding, conditioning, cracking and flaking solutions specialists. We are dedicated specialists with over a century experience. This results in machines that ensures continuous operation, high performance and the lowest operating costs. Built to last, designed for the long term. As we are based in The Netherlands, Zaandam, we offer you European sound quality on a world-scale.

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