Pellet Mill 7936-14: Driving the future of pelleting

By combining innovative engineering, extensive process know-how with the latest manufacturing technology, CPM Europe is providing the highest quality & reliability in Pellet Mills worldwide. As one of the main manufacturers of Pellet Mills, we are always striving to be at the front of development and innovation in Pellet Mills. In everyday practice, this approach means a continuous search for ways to improve our products and services, to make pelleting both practical and economical while enhancing product value and manageability.

As a result of this approach, we are excited to introduce the newest member of our pelleting family: Pellet Mill 7936-14. This Pellet Mill is the bigger brother of our very popular and efficient 7936-12 machine. The 7936-14 has a screen surface of more than 10.000 cm2 and a capacity up to 30 tph. Some of the noteworthy features that make this Pellet Mill superior, resulting in better quality pellets and more efficiency, are an increased retention time and a direct drive single gear reduction combined with a big die diameter.

Customize your 7936-14

The 7936-14 has various customization options that allow for a tailor-made solution that is suited for every situation.


CPM Europe’s Lineator is a remote controlled roller adjustment system. The compact Lineator ensures an operator-safe, precise and quick roller adjustment during Pellet Mill operation. With the Lineator, there is no need to stop the pelleting line for most roller adjustments.

Features of the Lineator:

  • Increase service life of dies
  • Quick disassembly at die and roller change
  • Optimum pellet quality by pre compression
  • Optimum energy consumption by pre compression
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Increase safety

Roll Speed Measurement

CPM Europe’s Roll Speed Measurement system (RSM), measures the rotation speed of each roll and provides valuable process data. The process controller can react when the roll speed is getting to low to avoid choking of the Pellet Mill and avoid in this way possible fire in the pellet chamber.

Features Roll Speed Measurement:

  • Better control against overload
  • Increase Pellet Mill capacity
  • Fire protection in die cavity area

Features Roll Speed Measurement with Lineator:

  • Optimum pellet quality by pre compression
  • Easy “zero - positioning” rollers
  • Optimum Pellet Mill stability
  • Increase service life of dies
  • Reduced energy consumption

Quick Die Change

CPM Europe’s Quick Die Change system enables the operator to quickly, safely and easily change dies. Thanks to this system the operator is able to change a die in less than 15 minutes, intervention of the technical department is no longer needed. Due to this time reduction it’s now cost effective to run different pellet diameters on one Pellet Mill.

See the 7936-14 in action

Want to see the 7936-14 live? Make sure to come and see us at VIV Europe (June 20-22), Hall 8 Booth E050.

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