Oil Lubricated Rollers by CPM Europe

Do you have a problem with roller bearing life on your Pellet Mill? Do your roller bearings prematurely cause the end of life of the Pellet Mill rolls before the shells are worn out? Do you want to reduce operational costs and maximize machine up time? CPM Europe has an answer!

CPM Europe has developed a revolutionary oil-based lubrication system for the rollers of a Pellet Mill. The OLR-system enables cooling of the rollers and forced oil lubricating of the roller bearings. This significantly reduces the operating costs by extending the lifetime of bearing and enables reusage of the lubricant.

Our OLR-system has several benefits that offer significantly longer lifetimes compared to regular grease-lubricated rollers, resulting in lower operational cost as well as improved process control.

Oil Lubricated Rollers by CPM Europe

CPM Europe’s OLR-system explained
The system uses closed-loop oil circulation to ensure continuous lubrication of the rollers. An oil-flow to each individual roller enables continuous monitoring and control of the roller bearing temperatures. The closed system prevents contaminants from entering the rollers, whereas the filtered oil-flow removes potential wear particles from the bearings.
Oil Lubricated Rollers by CPM Europe

Advantages of our OLR-system
  • Improved lubrication of roller bearings
  • Reduced internal heat generation
  • Cooling of roller bearings
  • Direct monitoring of roller temperatures
  • Continuous removal of contaminants from the rollers
  • Minimal lubricant contamination in the product
  • Improved load capabilities
  • Significantly less down time
  • Lower cost per Tonne – significant cost savings for your company.
Proving the quality of our equipment
At CPM Europe we continuously strive to improve ourselves in order to make sure that we provide the best quality equipment and machines. This is also what we did with our OLR-system.

Let’s take a look at some of the incredible results that we were able to achieve. At one of our customers, a leader in the production industry of wood pellets and briquettes, our OLR was able to run for 40.000 hours without any problems. The average roller lifetime was more than 1800 hours.

The OLR-system is now in production for several years, and has depending on the product type, proven to increase the average roller lifetime from 1800 hours up to, in some cases, as much as 5000 hours. It is now the standard supply on all high load Biomass machines supplied with the exception of high abrasive wear applications.

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