CPM Europe takeS measures regarding the Corona pandemic

Concerning the news about the Coronavirus [Covid-19] outbreak, and the impact that this may have on the supply of CPM equipment and spare parts, we hereby inform you that we can guarantee the supply of your orders.

At this moment we are not facing any problems of material provision from our suppliers, nor lack of staff due to the Coronavirus. Our company has taken all internal precaution measures as set out by the Ministry of Health.

CPM Europe takeS measures regarding the Corona pandemic

Regardless of the previously mentioned, the global sea freight supply chain are being affected, arising from blockades in certain ports, a lack of available equipment and capacity from carriers, refusal of entry to ports, as well as the refusal of customs authorities to clear goods into and out of certain countries. We apologize for any delay this may cause to your orders due to reasons which are beyond our control, arisen from a global problem.

We are also going to limit the travel to your sites of our service engineers, process engineers, commission engineers and sales people. Only strictly necessary visits will be made to countries that our ministry of Health considers safe from the Coronavirus. Of course our service and sales department can be reached by phone and email.

We will keep you updated on further news on this matter.

CPM Europe Management


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Oil Lubricated Rollers by CPM Europe

CPM Europe has developed a revolutionary oil-based lubrication system for the rollers of a Pellet Mill. The OLR-system enables cooling of the rollers and forced oil lubricating of the roller bearings. This significantly reduces the operating costs by extending the lifetime of bearing and enables reusage of the lubricant.

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