Durable equipment and solutions for the biomass industry

Over more than 30 years, CPM Industrial Solutions has grown to become a global leader in high-end equipment for pelleting and grinding a large variety of wood and agricultural products. Our equipment processes hard and soft woods, torrefied wood, straw, grass, husks as well as fast-growing fuel crops worldwide. In Europe only, we’ve already installed more than 600 machines.

One of the features our customers value most about our equipment and solutions is durability. Durability is crucial in this segment of the market where the load on the equipment can be extreme while using it 24/7, 365 days a year. With CPM you have complete control over every step of production, and we offer tailored solutions for the whole process: grinding, conditioning, pelleting, cooling and screening.

Features and benefits of CPM Europe biomass equipment

  • Reliable equipment

    Robust equipment for biomass applications like torrefied wood, soft and hard wood, agrifiber.

  • Solid process knowledge and experience

    Over 100 years of process knowledge and knowhow.

  • Dependable people

    Most reliable service and parts.

CPM Industrial Solutions biomass pelleting equipment

CPM Industrial Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies all pelleting and grinding equipment used in the production of biomass pellets

For a wide range of wood and agricultural products.
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We offer European sound quality on a world-scale.

CPM Europe is a leading supplier of process equipment and technology for the animal feed, biomass, oilseed and a lot of other industries. We have a worldwide reputation as pelleting, grinding, conditioning, cracking and flaking solutions specialists. We are dedicated specialists with over a century experience. This results in machines that ensures continuous operation, high performance and the lowest operating costs. Built to last, designed for the long term. As we are based in The Netherlands, Zaandam, we offer you European sound quality on a world-scale.

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