CPM Europe provides Roller Mills for the most demanding grinding operations.

Roller Mills

CPM Europe provides Roller Mills for the most demanding grinding operations.

CPM Europe typically designs Roller Mills for animal feed grinding. This results in a far more heavy-duty design than Roller Mills used in the flour milling industry. In the feed milling industry Roller Mills are used for grinding whole grains, soya kernels, pellets and other brittle ingredients to a particle size between 500 and 2000 micron. CPM Europe Roller Mills come in different sizes in either single pair, double pair or triple pair rollers for capacities up to 100 tph and are suitable for remote control allowing a different setting for each recipe produced.

Roller mill vs Hammer mill

Compared to the usual Hammer Mills, Roller Mills are extremely efficient grinders as the product is nicely “cut” by the corrugated rollers. This not only reduces the energy consumption, but also gives a better “grind” with less fines.

Roller Mills vs Hammer Mills

  • Roller mill

    • Grinds by shear
    • Narrow particle size range
    • Low fine and oversize content
    • Will leave fibrous particles in tact
    • Low energy input
    • Low temperature rise
    • No moisture loss
    • Higher fat contents less of a problem
  • Hammer mill

    • Grinds by impact
    • Wide particle size range
    • High fines content
    • High energy input
    • High temperature rise
    • High moisture loss
    • Fatty products tend to blind small diameter screens

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