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Oil Lubricated Rollers: record lifetime

CPM's patented Oil Lubricated Roller system (OLR) has reached a new lifetime record.

Where the previous highest roller-lifetime was ‘only’ 5956 hours, the latest record is now a roller-lifetime of almost 10.000 hours (to be precise: 9957 hours).

This roller has been in operation over a year.    

The other returned rollers reached 6164h, 4310h and 6957h. The customer refers to these lifetimes as “… SUPER Standzeiten”.

Currently, the OLR-system is in use at 14 customers of CPM (all wood) and on a total of 35 PM’s, mainly 7932-5. In total, all these OLR-rollers have been operated for far over 250.000 hours.

Of all OLR-rollers refurbished at CPM, the full data are monitored and logged at Engineering (lifetime, wear, parts used etc.). 


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