Twin Track: The revolution inside your pellet mill

CPM now revolutionises what your pellet mill can do, with Twin Track.
Our innovative, patented technology transforms the production process
to reduce energy demand, ensure consistent pellet quality and boost pellet mill capacity.

Greater energy savings and greater capacity

It all happens inside your pellet mill. Twin Track uses two rollers and, uniquely, each roller has its own track. Our system pushes pellets with one long, energy-efficient push per die revolution. This means less energy (in kWh/t) is needed to create the pellet with Twin Track than with 2 or 3-roller machines - which push 2 or 3 times per revolution.

And with Twin Track, we've also increased the number of holes in each die by a massive 43%, This creates a larger layer of raw wood material, which in turn produces a greater number of pellets per revolution.

With Twin Track you can find the optimal balance of operation for your business: reduce energy consumption, and/or see greater pellet output when Twin Track is used with appropriate upstream and downstream equipment.

Since our technology also uses less force in the pellet production process, it means there's less wear on your dies and rollers, which lowers maintenance costs and increases TCO.


240,000 kWh

per year per pellet mill

co2 emission

96,240 KG CO2

per year per pellet mill

Get the revolution inside with Twin Track

Significant energy savings, increased capacity, and a reduction in CO2 emissions - Twin Track delivers what every pellet mill operator needs today in the search for optimum pelleting and competitive advantage.

Our technology has been extensively tested in real world mill operations, and runs smoothly and productively. You can benefit from our Twin Track revolution either in new CPM machines or when retrofitted to a range of CPM machines, in as little as 4 hours.


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