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Why CPM Europe

8 Reasons why you can always rely on CPM machines

• European sound quality on world-scale

CPM Europe is a leading supplier of process equipment and technology for the animal feed, biomass, oilseed and a lot of other industries. We have a worldwide reputation as pelleting, grinding, conditioning and flaking solutions specialists. We are dedicated specialists with over a century experience. This results in machines that ensures continuous operation, high performance and the lowest operating costs. Built to last, designed for the long term. As we are based in The Netherlands, Zaandam, we offer you European sound quality on a world-scale.

• Part of the CPM Group

CPM Europe is part of the CPM Group, the market leader in the supply of machines and systems for the compound feed, biofuel, oilseed, food, plastics and recycled materials processing industry. Growth in this market is driven by growth in the world population and wealth creation. The result is an increase in demand for advanced proteins, food, materials and fuels.

CPM and Roskamp Champion

CPM and Roskamp Champion have a worldwide reputation as specialists in pelleting, conditioning, milling and flaking. To achieve global coverage, the companies are located in three regions:

  • North, Central and South America
  • Europe, Africa and the Middle East
  • Asia and Australia

• Lowest energy consumption thanks to high-quality technical solutions

The production processes for which our machines are used consume a lot of energy. It’s why we’ve developed the most efficient machines possible, to reduce energy use. This is made possible thanks to our own Research & Development Centre, where the focus is on continual process optimisation and sustainability. Our solutions are not just limited to the machines themselves however. We look at the complete production process, in order to ascertain where lasting energy savings can be made.

• Ease of use

CPM machines are ease to use. Easy operation means production can start quickly, saving you time and money. In addition, our local agents provide maximum support through training and education – in whatever language is required – so that you get the most out of the machines supplied. 

• Strong, reliable machines

CPM focuses on strength and reliability. This is reflected in the design and engineering of our machines, right down to the smallest parts. Worldwide, customers choose CPM machines because of the assurance of continuity and the ability to maximise production.

• Lowest maintance costs

With the lowest possible maintenance costs, we have your business at heart. Machines are serviced regularly, while our service specialists act quickly and cost-effectively. With CPM, reliability and reassurance are built in.

• Compact, space-saving solutions

CPM machines have a small footprint, being specifically developed to take up as little space as possible. This is ideal when an array of machines need to be placed in a limited area. It’s no surprise that CPM machines are prefered by builders and installers. 

• Consistent production quality

With CPM machines you can rely on consistent quality of output. Our knowledge of the entire production process, together with the optimum match of machine to material, means the quality of the end product can be guaranteed.

Upcoming events

VIV MEA 2018 - Abu Dhabi

5 February - 7 February 2018

Eurobois - Lyon

6 February - 9 February 2018

Progetto Fuoco 2018 - Verona

21 February - 25 February 2018

AgroAnimalShow, Fruit Vegetable Logistics & Grain Tech Expo - Kiev

21 February - 23 February 2018

Why CPM Europe?

  • Lowest operating costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Strong, robust design
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Extra low energy consumption
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Most consistent quality of production

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General: +31 75 65 12 611
Sales: +31 75 65 12 620

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