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Heat treatment

The European Union is driving new standards to ensure a high level of human health and consumer protection. The food safety policy is based on a comprehensive, integrated approach. This means that through out the food chain, from Farm to Table, across all food sectors, food safety must be on your mind.

Working within the important Agro-food sector, we accept that the safety of food from animal origin begins with safe animal feed.

CPM is introducing specialized equipment for feed milling industries which can help you to meet the highest hygiene standards. With this equipment, we want to give you the culinary, allowing you to handle feed in the same way a chef cook is handling food at your favorite restaurant.

The challenge in Feed Milling Industries is to handle many different ingredients at an industrial scale, bearing the food safety in mind. You select the best ingredients to mix the exact required diet for your customers. These ingredients are handled at high capacities by well maintained transporting, weighing and mixing equipment.

CPM will take this well balanced diet and turn it into safe food by providing the precise heat treatment. This means heating the food to the required temperature and providing means to cook the material exactly as long as you need it to cook. The safe food is then shaped into pellets or send directly to our food grade cooler and drier.

After cooling and drying, the animal food is transported to your storage where it must be safe guarded from any other contamination sources.

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