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Our product portfolio:

High performance processing equipment

Every industry, every product and even different countries require their own specific processing solutions. To this end, CPM Europe offers a variety of machines in numerous designs. They all share, however, one overriding characteristic: outstanding build quality for extra long life. Add simple operation, and CPM machines are the perfect solution for every process industry.

  • Lowest energy consumption thanks to high-quality technical solutions
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Strong, reliable machines
  • Compact, space-saving solutions
  • Ease of use
  • Consistent production quality

Crackers / Crumblers / Crushers

The Roskamp Crumbler is used in the Feed industry and is easily adapted to full-automation. Load-centering bearing supports and unique bearing slides assure accurate, consistent production. Roll corrugation and speed differential ratios are available to match any operating condition.

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Feeders & Conditioners

CPM conditioners provide the optimum preparation of feed stuffs prior to pelleting in the Feed, Oilseed, Biomass and other industries.

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Hammer mills

Since many years, hammermills are used in various industries and nowadays often play an important role in production facilities.

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Heat treatment

The challenge in Feed Milling Industries is to handle many different ingredients at an industrial scale, bearing the food safety in mind.

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Pellet mills

As the world's largest manufacturer of pellet mills, CPM has led the way in developing specialised pellet mills and dies to make pelleting both practical and economical while enhancing product value and manageability in the Feed, Oilseed, Biomass and other industries.

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Roller mills

The CPM Roskamp Roller mill is designed for the most demanding cracking and grinding operations in the Feed, Oilseed, Biomass and other industries.

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Why CPM Europe?

  • Lowest operating costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Strong, robust design
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Extra low energy consumption
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Most consistent quality of production

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