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CPM Europe makes waste handling profitable

Densification of waste materials is an important step in many recycling processes. Waste products often come as a mix of various materials with a low bulk density. The handling of the waste product therefore provides in many cases the necessary challenges.

CPM Europe has been involved in waste handling for many decades by manufacturing pelleting equipment which is most suitable to transform the difficult to handle waste materials, into very easy to handle pellets. The pelleted waste material is uniform in shape and has a much higher bulk density then the incoming material. CPM Europe has therefore been a valuable partner of various waste recycling installations around the world.

CPM Europe waste pellets

Reference visit to waste pelleting plant
Recently, on April 12th 2018, CPM Europe together with an international group of guests, visited one of our Italian customers. The purpose of the visit was to show a plant which is now for more than 10 years successfully processing plastic and paper waste into fuel pellets, using 5 CPM Europe Pellet Mills.

The fuel pellets are supplied to a nearby power plant and a cement factory. As the result of a clever, low energy, drying system in combination with shredding, careful selection and a sophisticated pelleting system, pellets with a high density and high calorific value are produced. Turning a difficult to handle waste into a valuable fuel which is easy to handle and transport.

The guests from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Italy, France and Lebanon are all facing more or less the same challenges as the Italian company and were all impressed by the level of professionalism shown at this location.

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