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Cpm machines in Alpin Pellet (France)

Alpin Pellet is the first French company to propose 10kg bags to meet a de pressing control-consuming, often left alone to manage the heating at home.

These plant modernization work and installation of new generator and maintenance of the whole, are made since 2012 by Philippe Joly & Company.

Testimonial of Jerome Deconninck, responsible industry with Joly & Philippe

 "Alpin Pellet was our first customer industrial outside of our traditional activities of assembly and maintenance in the industry. This was done naturally for several reasons. First of Philippe Joly First, with over 100 employees and very heavy equipment, has a generously sized task force for SMEs as Alpin Pellet, and in addition 24/24 and 7/7 by de- troubleshooting.




Then the geographical proximity was important to build confidence in such a case first experience. And finally, my personal experience in the granulation of wood was decisive!

Indeed, I work several years as head of production in a factory of pellets and I now draws a big advantage in the sense that I know in advance all the problems you meet. Today, as responsible for installation business and industrial maintenance in this type of industry, I can perform not only maintenance and effective and appropriate remedies, but I can also do any maintenance preventive on sensitive points, which will save a lot of money and availability to our customers.

In my previous job, I could count on a man who has transferred much of his long experience in the  of woodpelleting, and I want to thank Eric Jeanneau of CPM Europe.

Eric learned me all the tricks of the trade: the use and maintenance of CPM presses of different models, the setting of the rollers, the differences between attack roll and roll Finisher, control of humidity a news entry, use and the "maintenance of mills CPM Champion, crushing the green on as dry, controlling the particle size, the management of work in the block line

(Grinding, suction hopper, press, coolers), tools before and after release, and he was not content to train me to CPM material only !

Most important of all our exchanges Por- ta on the production process, the particle size to get to have the best production efficiency and wear the smallest machine on adjusting depression refiners on the type of grid according to the production requirements, on the relationship between flow and press pellet quality. It helped me a lot and taught me to work with the manufacturing records.

Regularly when I Rencontres trais granulation problems, compliance granulated, of densities side, sustainability ... he would answer the phone and we exchanged our views to address the problems he always answered pre- and I would say Eric has knowledge of the new ePowers pairs of pelleting.

He also gave me many contacts that enabled me to confront my own experience and exchange with colleagues at the time, even to lend parts and replacement on equivalent hardware.

And today I am silenced benefits of this industry, I enjoy the Philippe Joly customers of this rich knowledge. Thank you Eric! " 




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  • Compact and space-saving
  • Most consistent quality of production

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. Sales: +31 75 65 12 620

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