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General terms and conditions

(Version GTCE 8/12)
TOG-0        Terms for guarantee of CPM / EUROPE B.V., AMSTERDAM
TOG-1        In order for the guarantee to apply, commissioning and start-up by a CPM approved commissioning engineer is obligatory (See terms AI, CI and AS).
TOG-2        Commissioning, start-up and operator training is not included in our prices. Wages, travel and lodging will be invoiced separately. (See terms for sending an engineer)
TOG-3        During the guarantee period original CPM dies, rollers, wear- and spare parts have to be used.
TOG-4        The equipment we supply is under guarantee for a period of 12 months after commissioning, with a max. of 18 month after delivery.
TOG-5        For general trade item’s included in the delivery, such as sensors, switches, geared motors, electric motors, solenoid valves etc. CPM maintains the guarantee set by the original manufacturer of such item’s, with a minimum of 6 months after commissioning and a max of 12 months after delivery.
TOG-6        During the guarantee period CPM is obliged to provide replacement parts within a reasonable period.
TOG-7        Replacement parts will be supplied under the same shipping conditions as the original supply.
TOG-8        Repairs or replacing faulty parts can be done by the purchaser after written approval from CPM.
TOG-9        Repairs or disassembly of general trade items, such as sensors, switches, geared motors, electric motors, solenoid valves etc. without approval of CPM or the original supplier will invalidate the warranty on subject item.
TOG-10      Wear parts are excluded from the guarantee except for those cases where the defect is the clear result of faulty design, materials or workmanship.
= A I =
AI-0            Conditions for Acceptance of an Installation before commissioning.
AI-1            For meeting the warranty conditions given by CPM on machinery and or production results, it is required to inform CPM approximately 3 weeks before final date of Start-up in order for CPM to inspect the whole layout of installation.
AI-2            The inspection mentioned under AI-1 can be carried-out based on a checklist; (See CPM sheet nr. AIC-0); or as mentioned under AI-3.
AI-3            The CPM representative / commissioning engineer will check installation layout on spot.
AI-4            All machines should be installed in accordance with the instructions given by CPM.
AI-5            Special attention should be paid to safety regulations.
AI-6            Installation for addition of steam, water or other liquids should be according to CPM advises.
AI-7            Connections of motors and control system should be based on CPM Electrical scheme.
AI-8            Spare parts package consisting of parts like rollers, die, spare die and a minimum set of spare parts should be available before commissioning takes place, and to maintain equipment warranty.
AI-9            CPM is not responsible for the quality of the erection and installation work.
AI-10          When relevant shortcomings in items mentioned in AI-2 and AI-9 are found, which may influence the commissioning procedure and or process results, AI-11 goes into effect.
AI-11          In case of necessary alteration of the installation as mentioned in AI-10, all alterations must be carried out before final commissioning.
AI-12          When so approved by CPM, and only then, acceptance of an installation visit (AI), can be combined with commissioning of an installation visit (CI).
AI-13          When CPM has approved installation based on point AI-2, AI-3 and AI-9, and/or when relevant shortcomings mentioned in AI-10 and AI-11 have been eliminated, installation is ready for final commissioning.
AI-14          Costs for acceptance visit, as mentioned under AI-3, are charged based on CPM sheet number. TFS.
= C I =
CI-0             Conditions for: Commissioning of an Installation.
CI-1             Final commissioning can only take place after conditions for Acceptance of Installation mentioned in CPM sheet AI, have been met.
CI-2             During commissioning, the CPM commissioning engineer will have technical responsibility only for machinery supplied by CPM.
CI-3             CPM does not take any responsibility for machinery outside of the CPM supply.
CI-4             Educated labour assistance must be available to the CPM commissioning engineer.
CI-5             Well-qualified maintenance assistance must be available with the necessary tools, during commissioning time.
CI-6             As far as applicable, raw material, steam, air, water, other liquids, power and so forth must be available in proper quality and capacity at all times.
CI-7             During commissioning it is essential that well trained production personnel are available to the commissioning engineer.
CI-8             After a maximum of 4 hours of "continuous" running of the installation, or after mutual consent of the commissioning engineer and responsible party for the customer, the commissioning period is ended.
CI-9             If so desired by commissioning engineer, commissioning protocol CPM sheet number. CIP must be filled out and signed for approval by both participants; CPM and customer.
CI-10           Commissioning costs are charged based on the conditions given on CPM sheet nr. TFS.

= A S =
AS-0           If so desired, after final commissioning, an After Service Visit may be performed by a CPM Commissioning Engineer and/or CPM representative/agent.
AS-1           Whole installation layout can be checked under production circumstances.
AS-2           Machinery and production results can be discussed and analysed in detail.
AS-3           Additional instructions can be given to production and maintenance staff.
AS-4           Advice on future maintenance spares availability and safety rules can be discussed.
AS-5           The CPM After Service visit will be charged based on CPM sheet nr: TFS.
= A G =
AG-0          Conditions for Acceptance of a guarantee claim.
AG-1          The claim needs to be filed within the validity period of the guarantee. Claims filed after this period will not be taken into consideration.
AG-2          Proper evidence of the cause of failure must be handed over to CPM. CPM will determine the nature of the failure upon investigation of the supplied evidence.
AG-3          Any demand for parts will be handled as an order with due terms of payment.
AG-4          After CPM concludes a claim to be valid or partially valid based on AG-2; all applicable payments will be credited.
AG-5          CPM will not take responsibility for any mishaps caused by storms, unforeseen delays at customs or any other causes that are out of CPM's control.
= TFS =
TFS-0         Terms for sending and engineer from CPM/Europe BV Amsterdam to a field job for supervising of a CPM pellet mill, test running, start-up and commissioning. The following expenses and stipulations are applicable
TFS-1         Per day of 10 hours maximum; EUR 1.100, -.
                   For overtime the following amounts are charged:
- 125% of the labour rate of EUR 110, - per hour for the first 10 hours overtime per week from Monday through Saturday.
- 150% of the labour rate of EUR 110, - per hour for all hours in excess of the above mentioned 10 hours from Monday through Saturday and all working hours on Sunday.
TFS-2         EUR 110, - per day extra for each day our employee is away from home over one week.
TFS-3         A week consists in principle of 50 working hours. Travelling time to and from the Netherlands, local travelling time, as well as waiting hours on site outside CPM's responsibility are considered working hours.
TFS-4         All travel expenses between departure from and return to CPM Amsterdam are to be provided by the customer.
TFS-5         All hotel, food and beverages, based on a fine hotel to Western European standards, preferably located in the vicinity of the site, are at the customer's expense.
TFS-6         If, for reasons outside CPM's responsibilities, the CPM engineer is forced to wait five days or longer, or if such a wait proves to be inevitable, the CPM engineer may return home. Costs for travelling home and back to the site are at the customer's expense.
TFS-7         CPM will not be held responsible for the quality of the erection and installation job since these are outside CPM's supply..
TFS-8         For test-running and starting-up sufficient capable personnel with proper tools should be available to assist, according to the judgement of the CPM engineer.

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