Driving pellet press

CPM Europe is constantly looking for ways to improve its products, equipment and services. Our customers profit from this pro-active approach because they can rely on more than 120 years of experience that our company and its engineers bring to every single project and challenge.

Our customer CSP, a specialist in metalworking and special machine & plant engineering, was looking for ways to re-engineer a harvester to make the harvesting & processing of agricultural by-products more efficient.

Together with CPM Europe, CSP was able to find an innovative solution: integrating a pellet mill in the harvester. By thinking out of the box the engineers from CSP, re-engineered the harvester in such a way that a complete pellet mill was installed in a harvester while maintaining all functionality of both the harvester & the pellet mill. The result is the Metitron.

Some features & benefits of the driving pellet press include:

  • Compact structure and completely autonomous functioning of harvester & pellet mill
  • Modular cutting system to cut (& pellet) different raw materials
  • Automatically controlled material feed through the power regulator of the pelleting press drive system
  • Up to 5 tons/hour of pellets
  • Pellet transport after the pelleting press via a pellet bucket conveyor, the pellets being cooled and transported gently
  • Self-driving & self-supporting vehicle: no separate tractor necessary
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Oil Lubricated Rollers by CPM Europe

CPM Europe has developed a revolutionary oil-based lubrication system for the rollers of a Pellet Mill. The OLR-system enables cooling of the rollers and forced oil lubricating of the roller bearings. This significantly reduces the operating costs by extending the lifetime of bearing and enables reusage of the lubricant.

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